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Memorials are a way to tie the lives of our loved ones to the support of individuals with Down syndrome or other disabilities. 


It is important to remember that memorial donations do not have to be only for the death of a loved one.  Memorials can be made in honor of birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and other accomplishments. 

To find out more information, please contact RRVDSS at (903) 783-1922 or

Previous Memorial Donations given are in honor of...

Thelma Bankston

(great-grandmother of RRVDSS member A.J. Burtis)

Bonham Police Officers' Association

Arthur & Hazel Caldwell

Trena Campbell

Richard & Ann Carpenter

Sue Carpenter

War & Janell Jamieson

Katy Creek Residents

David & Linda Kinkade

Craig & Betsy Nichols

Claydean Reed

Royce & Betty Shipman

Diann & Daisha Sorrells

Linda Stanley

Kenneth & Sue Taylor

Trinity Baptist Church

Martha Hern Ward & Nita Bankston

Lois, Jeff & Suzanne Kennedy

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Nut

Thomas "Dan" Daniels

Milton & Karon Fleming

Dylan Ballard

Sabra, Donald, Easton and Steele Vaughan

Hannah Weiburg

Vicki and Ronnie Ballard

Tommy Lewis

Sabra, Donald, Easton and Steele Vaughan

Ollie Mae Waren

 (great-grandmother of RRVDSS member Ethan Smith)

Julianna Fawcett

Mr. Archambeault

(Buddy Baseball coach & husband to Phyllis Archambeault)

Sabra, Donald, Easton and Steele Vaughan

Liam Greyson Perez

Joyce McGarvy

Mackie Lewis

Judy Nutt

Johnnie & Susie Stewart

Ruby Whiteshouse

(great-grandmother of RRVDSS member Ian Whitehouse)

Linda & Mark Busby

James E. & Donna Meals

Debra & Micke McGuire

Susan Whitehouse

Tom Figlio

City of Clarksville

Joe Dale Morrison

(RRVDSS Member & Buddy Baseball Player)

Dr. Ed Clark

Sabra & Steele Vaughan

Krissy  & Katelyn Crites

Ramika & Jay Black 

Esterdene Coe Walker

(grandmother of RRVDSS member Susan Stewart)

Janet Dickey

Rachel Ann Frost

(Aunt of RRVDSS member Katelyn Crites)

Choctaw Nation Medical Clinic

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